Areola Tattoo

What is Areola Restoration?

Areola restoration or better known as an areola tattoo is a type of paramedical tattooing. Areola Tattooing is a technique used as reconstructive medicine to help breast cancer patients regain the natural appearance of their post-surgical, post-trauma skin. Like a traditional tattoo, the pigment is implanted under the skin creating an image that perfectly replicates an areola. Areola Tattooing even looks 3D and will look completely realistic to the untrained eye. The tattoo will create the illusion of a new nipple and help those recovering from life-changing surgery.

Areola restoration isn’t localized to those who have recovered from breast cancer either. For those who have undergone gender reassignment surgery (top surgery) or Gynecomastia surgery, sometimes the nipple can appear disfigured and scarred. With Areola tattooing we can create symmetrical nipples and camouflage the scarred tissue, ultimately creating a realistic 3D nipple. As well as improving the symmetry of the areola, it will enhance its natural color, improving the overall appearance of the breast.

The final results of areola tattooing are incredibly realistic. Your identity and confidence will be brought back to life and fully restored after receiving this life-changing treatment. Contact us here is Hendersonville, North Carolina to book a consultation.

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Quick Facts

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It Will Look Real!

Areola reconstruction gives you a 3-D look of a completely natural and realistic nipple. It will complete the look of the breast.

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The Last Step Of Your Journey

After a traumatic life-changing journey, this is your opportunity to take back control and let yourself heal mentally.

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Shannan is a breast cancer survivor of 6 years and has experienced the journey one faces in their battle with cancer.

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