Frequently Asked Questions

The term “permanent makeup” is not exactly as it sounds. Because it isn’t truly permanent, but with long lasting results and little downtime, the popularity of micropigmentation is becoming a nationwide beauty regime that leaves men and women waking up to effortless beauty. You may have also heard it referred as permanent makeup, semi-permanent makeup, permanent cosmetics, or cosmetic tattooing.

No!!! Topical anesthetic is used for all procedures and has absolutely no adverse effects on final results.

Expect area to be dark for a few days. Final results will be achieved in about 6 weeks.

Permanent Makeup is not truly permanent as it will fade over time. Factors such as shade of pigmentation used, skin tone, overall health and skin care instructions and sun cream must be used. A follow up visit is necessary to implant pigmentation for longest lasting results.

Yes, colors will soften and fade over time. This is desirable for a few reasons as fashion styles change over time and permanent ink like in body tattoos will migrate over time.

Three-five weeks after first application. Expect permanent makeup to last between 3-7 years. Optimal lasting results are obtained by scheduling touch-up appointments as needed.

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